Hot Peppers And 3 Other Spicy Foods That Boost Health And Longevity

Spices can transform dull dishes into flavorful gourmet meals, but they could also have a bit of a longer-lasting effect: A new study from the University of Vermont has found that consuming hot red chili peppers is actually linked to a 13 percent reduction in mortality.

Back in 2014, a study found that blocking the body’s ability to feel pain can help you live longer. Chili peppers actually do this naturally due to high levels of capsaicin.

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“Because our study adds to the generalizability of previous findings, chili pepper — or even spicy food — consumption may become a dietary recommendation and/or fuel further research in the form of clinical trials,” said medical student and study researcher Mustafa Chopan, according to Science Daily.

We’ve listed three other flavor-packed foods that have been shown to boost your health and longevity.


Spicy foods actually boost your health and longevity. Photo courtesy of Pixabay


study published in September in American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistryfound that capsaicin combined with the main compound in ginger, 6-gingerol, may lower the risk of cancer.


Eating horseradish has many reported health benefits, including boosting cancer-fighting properties. According to a press release from the University of Illinois, even just a teaspoon of the condiment is enough to help you get the health benefit.

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Spicy wasabi paste contains antimicrobial agents, which work to eliminate bacteria. According to Healthy Eating, it is also an anti-inflammatory agent and also helps to reduce chances of heart attack and stroke.

Source: Chopan M, Littenberg B. The Association of Hot Red Chili Pepper Consumption and Mortality: A Large Population-Based Cohort Study. PLOS ONE . 2017.