How This Flat-Broke, LadyBoss Entrepreneur Launched Her Online Empire Straight From Her Kitchen Table

Her name is Kaelin Tuell Poulin and she’s changed the lives of over 1.3 Million Followers with her company LadyBoss in only 3 years. Skyrocketing to INC’s Top 10 fastest growing companies list.

If you’re curious about the business side of the story you can learn how she created her massive Lady Boss Movement in a free web class.

The most interesting aspect of what Kaelin is doing is through her app. We decided to give it a shot and see what the hype was. Once inside we found meal plans and customized workouts for almost everything imagined.

It’s worth noting that Kaelin did go through an incredible lifestyle change and weight loss transformation. 65lbs lost is nothing to scoff at. That is an incredible achievement and it all happened before she went on to become a Best-selling author, Celebrity Trainer, & IFBB Fitness ProWorld Record Holder.

But what makes her different than all of the other fitness celebrity programs that exist out there? Aren’t they all workout programs that basically do the same thing?

It’s true, the exercises you should be doing are pretty universal across all these programs.

What makes Lady Boss stand out without a doubt is the little things that add up in a massive way. What do we mean by that though? It means making easy and simple swaps without compromising what you love.

According to Kaelin she too was disgusted by the plans set forth by trainers. All meal plans were BLAND. There was no balance and it wasn’t enjoyable. So she set out to discover and make little swaps to satisfy all her cravings while still getting the results she desired. Smart right? As most of us don’t desire to be fitness pros let alone a IFBB Athlete.

Even more fascinating is the development of her supplement line. Specifically LadyBoss LEAN which kicks the sweet cravings to the curb. Lean is like drinking a cake flavored milkshake while getting the nutrition you need. Notably it also has the patented DigeSEB® which helps soothe your belly and prevent bloating all while increasing absorption of those essential vitamins and minerals.

If you’re a Lady would you give it a shot? We’d love to know what your thoughts are.